ReignMaker 2 continues the world story of Stash. December Stash Events!

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We are thrilled to announce the kickstarter launch of REIGNMAKER 2!

ReignMaker 2 is a match 3, tower defense, city building, and strategy game. It will put your reflexes, cleverness, pattern recognition, and strategy to the test.

ReignMaker 2 continues the world story right where Stash leaves off with the exploits of all you adventurers!

Peace reigned and civilization flourished throughout the three kingdoms of Askagard, Troj, and Chemer. But peace brings complacency, and adventurers got curious, bored, and greedy. Looking for wealth and treasure, they unearthed and explored the ruins, caves, mines, and despoiled temples across Primordiax. Deep they delved into these many dungeons… too deep. They disturbed the Avatars of the Void you had imprisoned and buried in the earth.

We would hugely appreciate your support in our campaign. The more help we get and the sooner we get it, the better we perform in kickstarter search algorithms and thus more people will see it!


Check out our official forum for December’s calendar of Stash events:

PLAYER AND DEV MEETUP – Saturday, December 15th. 9-11pm.
Attendance prize: 16 slot satchel.

Crafting Weekend: Dec 8->10

Clan Weekend: Dec 14->17

Xmas Weekend: Dec 21->25

NEW YEARS Weekend: Dec 28->Jan 1