Stash Awards and Reviews

We are excited to announce that STASH was chosen as a winner of Taco Bell’s 2017 “Feed the Beta” best indie game competition!

Learn more about Feed the Beta:

But the most exciting part of this is the help from Taco Bell promoting Stash and our launch.

Player Reviews

This game is a breath of fresh air. I have played so many MMOs and they all seem like variations on the same thing. Stash is really unique and brings some cool new ideas.gallaxian
Saw this game at PAX East 2016 and instantly fell in love with it. gkgnight
I’ve been waiting for a game like this my whole life. I’ve enjoyed many MMOs in the past but have had enough of the whole autoattack/white damage/use abilities on rotation style of combat. That was fun and all but I’ve done that enough now. Lysamvor
So many reviews have mentioned the great community and I have to add to that. Friendly people and very active developers really make for a top notch experience in game. I can tell the devs really care about the community and want to make sure it stays excellent.wigglewigglepop
Super awesome game! Has a tabletop D&D charm to it. Combat is superb. Turn based goodness. So much planning and thought and it rewards smart play. GreenGrubber
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