2018.05.03 – UI Overhaul. Crafting Skill Enhancements. More Mobs in World Dungeons.

News and Events

BOO, Stash, and Market Stalls

  • Fixed a bug where the medallion icon was displayed twice in the Boo Upgrade confirmation popup.
  • Deleted characters no longer show up in BOO invite lists.

Characters, Classes, and Abilities

  • Added level next to character name in the character inspector window.

Chat and UI

  • UI Updates have been made for the following elements:
    • Manage Boo Room
    • Boo Change Door/Layout/Wall/Floor
    • Add Room (Boo)
    • Social Window
    • Player Info / Portrait (Top right HUD)
    • Party Portraits (Left HUD)
    • System Menu
    • Login
    • Leaderboard Rewards
  • Fixed a bug where returning to the login screen after a disconnect met with the UI being non interactable.


  • Crafting skill level now has a significant impact on crafting speed. For every 1 point of skill the player has over the level of the item, speed bonus is 1% (up to a maximum of 20%).
  • The Quality % roll is now more significantly impacted by your Charisma stat and your skill level. Getting those 95-100% quality items should require a little more CHA and skill.
  • Level 30 Minor Rejeuvenation Potion fixed.


  • Significant increases in the monster density of many World Dungeons. Approximate increases:
    • The Mines – 10%
    • Mossy Ruins – 50%
    • Fungeon Caves – 50%
    • Ruined Barracks – 25%
    • D’Orc Den – 20%
    • Tomb of Tattered Dreams – 33%
    • Haunted Basement – 33%
    • Forgotten Cellar – 10%
    • Decrepit Ruins – 33%
    • Abandoned Dungeon – 60%
    • Mines of Misery – 50%
    • Sandstone Maze – 20%
    • The Serpentius Shrine – 25%
    • Vidare’s Abandoned Lair – 50%

Gear and Items

  • Added “Recipes” and “Furniture” to the dropdown filters in your Inventory and Stash windows.
  • Fixed a bug where reordering items in a bag and then switching away and back before closing and reopening your inventory caused the item order to reset.
  • Fixed a bug where you could visually equip a 2-handed costume weapon when dual wielding.
  • Fixed a bug where the Stash inventory didn’t refresh when removing an item from your Stall.


  • Fixed a bug where the keybindings on the hotbar didn’t update after closing the client settings.
  • Added Alt+P and Alt+O to the keybindings list in settings. These are locked and cannot be changed, but now block you from setting other binds to these.
  • Fixed a bug where changing things in character creation (specifically colors) caused the custom face settings to get reset in the saved data, but not visually, so you didn’t know they were reset until you finished and returned to Character Selection.