Tier 4 Expansion! New Armor Cosmetic System. Tons of Ability, UI, and Misc Improvements.

News and Events

Tier 4 Has Launched – Level and Skill Cap is now 40

  • All class abilities now go up to level 40.
  • All crafts can be advanced to level 40.
  • Mounts can be found on the medallion shop that allow passage into new regions.
  • New private and world dungeons added (with new bosses!).
  • Have fun!

New Armor Cosmetic System

  • Your character’s armor cosmetic appearance is now completely controlled by the costume tab and not by your functional/gear armor. We have separated these two things completely to make it easier for you to customize your appearance and to support future plans for a wide variety of cosmetic options that would have created confusing conflicts otherwise.

  • Weapons and offhands perform the same as before as far as visual appearance. Visually you appear with your actual wielded weapons/offhands/shields unless you override that with a costume option.

  • All costume items you had equipped on any costume pages have been removed and sent to your reward inventory.

  • All cosmetic shoulders, arms/gloves, and boot items no longer exist. All of these cosmetic slots are controlled through the body/suit piece and then toggling/selecting which additional slots to display.

  • Cosmetic armor is now controlled through two pieces: helmet and body (which controls all the other body locations).

Other Patch Notes:

BOO, Stash, and Market Stalls

  • Bug Fix: Players can now rename their stall and place ads from anywhere in their BOO
  • Item tooltips in the npc vendor, stall, and newspaper UIs now show comparisons to what you have currently equipped.
  • Added tooltips for farmhands to producers.
  • Updated/Added tooltips for when farmhand helping is on cooldown and for when the producer (total possible help) is on cooldown.
  • Added client chat messages for successful help actions, for both boo owner and farmhand.
  • Fixed a bug where dragging items from your Stash into your inventory with a bag selected, didn’t add them to THAT bag.
  • Max stash size increased by +10.

Characters, Classes, and Abilities

  • Resurrection is now fully supported and returns you to the combat.
    • Rez now adds characters back into combat.
  • Fixed an issue with animations freezing after playing.
  • Added a sound effect for when you block in combat.
  • Ability buffs are downranked to the lower rank version when used on characters whose level is lower than the casted ability level (to a minimum of Rank I).
  • Warrior:
    • Cut II – DoT tick duration increased by 1 round
    • Cut III – DoT tick duration increased by 2 rounds
  • Hunter:
    • Slash now does +10% damage on foes with a combo point.
    • Flaming Arrow II – DoT tick increased by 1 round
  • Healer:
    • Spread Heal healing increased by 10%.
    • Healing Pulse now ticks significantly longer.
  • Ability tooltips now include the Element of the ability.
  • Added multi-target support to the Effects Manager. AoE abilities like Mass Mez, Root, etc. should now play effects on all affected targets.

Chat and UI

  • Fixed a bug where you could drag the stat progress bars in the character stats window.
  • Added a chat log entry for weapon proc damage.
  • You can once again chat during the loot event.


  • Bug Fix: Players should no longer spawn into objects when encounter formations are utilized
  • Converted the Death Popup to new UI code and made necessary adjustments.
  • Weapon procs print to combat log.
  • Some small obstacles may now be walked over/through.
  • Healing Pulse now blocks its grid square.


  • Recipe tooltips now tell you if you already know the recipe.
  • Added a toast message for when you receive any trade skill xp.


  • Fixed an issue causing bosses to display busy when dying to them and exiting the encounter.

Gear and Items

  • Character armor appearance now controlled completely by costume slots, not gear armor slots.
  • Platemail is now in the game. Warriors can wear it starting at level 30.
  • Ringmail is now in the game. Hunters can wear it starting at level 30.
  • Healers can now wear chainmail starting at level 30.
  • If there is a cooldown returned for an unsuccessful item use, the time remaining is now displayed in the error popup. (currently does not *tick* down)
  • Added level to costume tooltips.
  • Fixed an issue with body parts not getting disabled under costumes.


  • Fixed lighting issues in the Rolling Stone Inn.
  • Fixed an issue with character’s hands still gripping their weapons even when the weapons are hidden.
  • Fixed an issue with missing hands for all chainmail and trulloc/human male elementalists.
  • Fixed an issue having to do with invisible hands for HM hunters.

Medallion Shop

  • Fixed an issue where weapons/offhands didn’t show up when previewing from the medallion shop in the new armor system.

Mobs and NPCs

  • Cubes, due to their gelatinous bodies, are now properly more resistant to physical attacks.

Social (Clans, Parties, Religions, etc.)

  • Added shift+click support for multi-purchases from the clan shop.


  • Updated Mob Spread / Add Algorithm
  • Add new round info sent to client when a new combat round starts
  • Turn check made for resource harvesting in combat
  • When learning a higher level ability, the lesser level ability is no longer “relearned”
  • When learning replacement skills, the ‘old skill’ is now removed from all bars it was applied to.
  • Camping upon immediately entering a zone no longer spits players out of the zone upone camp exit.
  • Status FX are now properly removed upon exit of combat (including by death).
  • Updated help window texts in Combat Victory and Character Sheet – Inventory.
  • Added a new help window called Armor, Gear, & Cosmetics. This window automatically pops up the first time you equip a piece of gear.