2018.01.26 – Bigger, Badder, Boss Battles, New Alchemy potions, More XP for harder mobs

News and Events

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BOO, Stash, and Market Stalls

  • Bug Fix: Items can now be listed on your Stash Stall from anywhere in your boo
  • Fixed a bug causing the stall upgrade window to always show you as having zero triads.
  • Item tooltips in the npc vendor, stall, and newspaper UIs now show comparisons to what you have currently equipped.

Characters, Classes, and Abilities

  • Healer resistance buffs’ magnitude reduced to comply with resist cap rules. Previously, these buffs were so overtuned that by themselves they capped people’s resists. This made all resist enchants or other resist related abilities, items, or potions moot.
  • Healer: Healing pulse duration increased from 2 rounds to 8 rounds. Area of Effect changed to 2 square radius.
  • Warrior Taunt & Intimidate: -dmg/-str debuff increased
  • Bolster: duration increased from 5 to 7 rounds.
  • Hunter: elemental arrows (flaming, frozen, charged, concussive) now do 10% more damage against mobs with at least 1 combo point.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed characters to float away off their pegs visually.


  • Bug Fix: Players should no longer spawn into objects when encounter formations are utilized
  • Fixed a bug where holding the mouse down during the “Your Turn” animation, would keep the text on screen until you released the mouse button.


  • Alchemy: Health potions heal amount increased by ~66% (two-thirds).
  • Alchemy: resist fire, water, air, and earth potions added.
  • Fixed a bug where the crafting machine didn’t update the last crafted recipe without having to close and reopen the machine.


  • Some dungeons had their mob spawn types adjusted.

Gear and Items

  • Bug Fix: Right Click->Equip on gathering tools in Costume Tab no longer improperly equips tool
  • Fixed an error in the calculation for damage in bow tooltips.


  • Fixed lighting issues in the Rolling Stone Inn.

Medallion Shop

  • Added Shift+Click support for bulk purchasing from the Medallion shop. (Note: Clan shop will get the same functionality in the near future.)

Mobs and NPCs

  • Bosses now commonly have adds and multiple phases to their fights. Boss Battles just got a whole lot more interesting (and dangerous, and rewarding).
  • Harder Mobs are now more rewarding!
    • Healer type mobs are worth more XP (base 150).
    • High DPS/AoE mobs are also worth more XP (base 125)
    • Previously all mobs had a base XP value of 100, modified by con and rank.
  • Added missing timeouts to boss abilities.
  • New Mob Type: Noxious Void. Be on the lookout for this new type of Void creature.


  • You can now click on Askagard to path to the entrance.