2018.01.19 – Contextual Right Click in combat, More Mobs in Dungeons, Boss Loot Buffs, New Warrior Abilities, Many QoL improvements to UI

News and Events

Medallion Shop

  • Fixed a bug where bag tooltips in the Medallion shop showed zero (0) for the bag size.
  • Add Combat Bar item added to Medallion shop.
  • Mouse over tooltips for items in the Medallion Shop now provide more information like: bag size, market value, bind type, etc.


  • Added Phase 1 of Contextual Right Click in encounters:
    • Right click within movement range to move to that location.
    • Right click a mob that’s adjacent to you to attack that mob with your equipped weapon.
    • Right click a resource node that’s adjacent to you to attempt to harvest it.
    • Right click a corpse that’s adjacent to you to bury it.
  • Fixed a bug where encounters weren’t removing beings from combat, data-wise.
    • This fixes the toast messages during bonfires events.
  • Added a failsafe for ability animations being able to lock up combat.
  • The Act bar is now disabled during Resource Node encounters and post combat.
  • Fixed a bug where clicking outside of the encounter grid would attempt to move you to the last hovered grid position.
  • You can no longer use abilities in the post-combat phase when all monsters are dead.

Characters, Classes, and Abilities

  • Warrior:
    • Taunt, Intimidate, and Roar now debuff mobs with Weakened, reducing their damage
    • New Ability: Bolster (level 15) – 5 round buff to armor and resists

Social (Clans, Parties, Religions, etc.)

  • Inspecting another player now updates their cached Character Data so the inspector will always be up to date.
  • Fixed some text issues with a couple party chat messages.
  • Leaderboard Values are now right justified, and large numbers (1,000+) are now comma delimited.
  • Numerous improvements made to party management feedback messages.
  • Surnames can now be bought by 9.

Gear and Items

  • All Resistance enchantments got massively buffed by 5-10x magnitude.

Mobs and NPCs

  • Bosses received pass #1 of a fix to their armor and resists. This is a noticeable buff to their defense. The full pass will happen later and will be a more significant increase to their defense. We are holding off on pass #2 until we can get some new class abilities in the game for debuffing armor/resists at that point.
  • Bosses will now have a near guaranteed chance to drop coin and some essence in addition to other loot.
  • CC Immunity now begins as soon as the CC lands, not when it expires.
  • D’orcs now drink two and a half pots of coffee every morning and punch faster.


  • RPDs (Random Private Dungeons) mob density increased by at least 75%. More mobs to fight per dungeon (RPDs only – World Dungeons already have infinite mob respawning).
  • A wall segment will now go transparent if you mouse over it (note: we are planning to increase the transparency of this in the future and also hopefully make the affected number of wall segments larger).

BOO, Stash, and Market Stalls

  • The option to Favorite a stall now appears when you visit a stall from the Merchant Stalls of Askagard interface.
  • Fixed an alignment issue in the newspaper.


  • You can no longer use abilities in resource nodes.

Chat and UI

  • Changed the default chat channel colors for party and politics.
  • Typing into a chat channel now tunes that channel in on the current tab.
  • Fixed a bug where extending the same action bar that you’ve previously extended after closing the Action Bar Loader would use the wrong icons.
  • Adjusted the red X button size in a number of windows.
  • Fixed a bug where pressing the red x to close the Client Settings window, would lock out chat from being usable.
  • Fixed a bug where having the final character key down when pressing enter in an input field could cause a popup window used by that character key’s keybinding to open.


  • Player names can now be changed by an administrator.
  • Clan names can now be changed by an administrator.