2018.01.11 – Mob Squads, More Ranked Mob Loot, Clan Leaderboards, UI improvements

News and Events

  • Mob Squads: Specialized teams of mobs that have different roles and AIs to make them a more interesting and challenging adversary.
    • Example: Gobbos + Gobbo Bombadiers + Gobbo Shamans
    • This squad works together by sending the regular Gobbos to engage in melee, Bombadiers providing ranged support, and Shamans to heal everyone.
  • Fixed timing issues with certain mob animations / effects.
  • Fixed an issue with player hit animations.
  • Fixed a bug where brace-killing a mob didn’t remove them from the turn queue.

Mobs and NPCs
  • Ranked Mobs (lieutenants, elites, and champions) now have special loot tables so their drops can be different (better) than normal versions. Mob types whose ranked versions have significantly increased loot drops include:
    • Beasts
    • Elementals
    • Humanoids
    • Gobbo Bombadiers
    • Gobbo Healers
    • Slimes
    • Fungoids
    • Undead
    • Skeleton Healers
    • Void
    • Flying
    • Dragons

  • XP Rewards are now based on level difference (party level vs. mob level) rathern than con color. Party level is the level of the highest level person in a party.
    • Level Difference (Mob Level – Party Level)
      • -5 = 0% xp
      • -4 = 20% xp
      • -3 = 40% xp
      • -2 = 60% xp
      • -1 = 80% xp
      • 0 = 100% xp
      • 1 = 125% xp
      • 2 = 150% xp
      • 3 = 175% xp
      • 4 = 200% xp
      • 5 = 225% xp
      • 6+ = 250% xp

Action Bar / Loader

  • Fixed an issue with the cooldowns on hotbars.
  • Updated the Boo Inventory hotbar tooltip.
  • Clicking the door in RSI will now act as if you clicked the door on your hotbar to exit.

Base of Operations

  • Added tooltips to resource icons in the Boo Upgrade popup.
  • Added some helpful text and images to the Boo Inventory for new players.

Chat and UI

  • Completed a UI update of the Leaderboard and improved functionality to reduce server calls.
  • You can now type :guide: into chat to produce a chat icon that, when clicked, links to Carazan’s New Player’s Guide.
  • Updated chat log texts for buffs and abilities that deal no damage.
  • Fixed a bug where a chat log was not created when a mob was killed by a DoT.
  • Added a chat log msg for when Healing Pulse heals you.
  • Fixed a bug where selecting “Party” from the channel list didn’t do anything except kill your previous Tell.
  • Help system chat links (?) now use the Index number for the window.
    • Example: (?:1) links to the first article in the help system, Action Bar Loader.


  • Fixed a bug where the missing resources display in craft showed red on resources where you had more than the correct amount.

Market & Newspaper

  • Huge increase in initial fetch/load speed of the Newspaper.

Characters, Classes, and Abilities

  • Healing Pulse is now only usable in combat.
  • Added some additional fx for the Hunter ability, Chuck.
  • Idle timeout period increased from 2 to 36 hours.

Social (Clans, Parties, Religions, etc.)

  • More rewards added to the Clan Bonfire event! XP Boosters, seeds, essences, BOO materials, and more.
  • Clan Leaderboards for prestige earned (ranked by clan) and honor earned (ranked by character).
  • Fixed a bug with the display of the Party XP bonus.

Gear and Items

  • Replaced the “Use” content menu button with “Eat” for food.


  • Fixed a lighting issue in The Forsaken Temple.

Medallion Shop

  • The Death Mist Set of cosmetic weapons is now available!


  • Updated images and texts in the Crafting, Party, Camp, and Combat Victory Help Windows.
  • Fixed title issues with a couple of the Help windows not matching up with their links in the Help Index.
  • Added a Help window for the Action Bar Loader.