2017.12.21 – Clan Member Caps Raised & Level Costs Lowered, Askagard Navigation Improvements

News and Events

Social (Clans, Parties, Religions, etc.)

  • Member caps raised significantly. Level 1 cap increased from 20 to 40 members.
  • Clan level costs for first 10 levels reduced very significantly, and also reduced for 11-20.
  • Clan roster now shows Contribution rather than Honor per member.
  • Clan Honor changes from the shop and bonfire now save properly.


  • Added a system allowing you to click on an object / PoI and have the game path you to the zone change. Current locations you can find this:
    • Askagard front gate: click on the gate to get a path there and be prompted to exit.
    • Rolling Stone Inn: click anywhere on the RSI and you will path to the entrance and be prompted to enter.
  • Fixed a bug where the world map didn’t draw regions until you reached the end of a click-to-move path.

Chat and UI

  • Added specialized help links to chat that follows the format (?:help_title). For example: (?:combat) to make the automatic (?) icon take someone to the Combat help topic if they click on it.


  • Fixed a bug causing problems with the improved incense recipes.

Gear and Items

  • Fixed a bug where the stats screen didn’t update after changing equipment.


  • Cleaned up the Character Selection scene, improving performance and usability.
  • Fixed a bug where players that got the “account not validated” error at the login screen would then get that title for every single error for the rest of the session.
  • Updated the email not validated error message on login.