This Weekend: Bonus XP, More Nodes, Meet-and-Greet to talk Crafting

Stash RPG News and Events

Weekend Event – 8/11-8/14

Join us all weekend and partake in the glorious boons!

  • +50% combat XP – Who doesn’t love XP?
  • Double Resource Nodes – more resources nodes around the entire world!
  • Double Party XP Bonus – Even more reasons to group up and make friends. 

Begins Friday (8/11) at approximately 7pm EDT and goes until Monday (8/14) until 4pm EDT.

Meet and Greet – Saturday 8/12 at 3-5pm EDT – With Prizes and Clan Discussion

Put this on your calendar: Saturday (Aug 12) 3-5pm EDT there will be a meet-and-greet event in game. Get to know devs and other players, talk about the game (we especially want to talk about our plans for CLANS), and have a chance to win some prizes. The prize pool includes:

  • 100% quality magic armor and weapons.
  • Medallion Shop Items (Lemon Cookies of Mortis, Hearth Beacons, Extra Character Slots, and more).
  • Unique Mounts only available as prizes.
  • 5 Backpacks donated by one of our players, Suslik

We look forward to talking about clans, hanging out, and would love to see more of you all get to know each other, form clans, recruit into your clans, etc.

See you this weekend in Stash!