UPDATE: 2017/07/14 – Shared Stash & Weekend Event: triple nodes, double party XP Bonus

Stash RPG News and Events

BOO, Stash, and Market Stalls

  • Shared Stash! All accounts now start off with 1 slot of shared stash space and it can be upgraded with medallions. You access it via a button at the bottom of your normal stash that says “Switch to Shared Stash.”
  • Fixed a bug where withdrawing items from the Stash didn’t update the capacity label.
  • Fixed a bug where dropping items on the trash in your Stash did not give an confirmation popup.


  • Fixed level 10 soft cloth shoulder cloth requirement to be T2 instead of T1
  • Various maker recipes updated and fixed.

Social (Clans, Parties, Religions, etc.)

  • Party XP Bonus doubled for the weekend
  • 2 members = +40%
  • 3 members = +80%
  • 4 members = +120%
  • 5 members = +160%
  • 6 members = +220%


  • World Map Resource Nodes Tripled for the weekend

Medallion Shop

  • Add Additional Crafting Skill item now available.


  • Various other bug fixes!