UPDATE: Crafting, Inventory management, Resource spawns, Healer buffs, and more! (2017/07/07)

Stash RPG News and Events


  • =====> For many of the fixes below, you will need to pick up/place back down your various crafting machines, producers, farms, gardens, orchards, etc. You will also need to plant new seeds.
  • Fixed a number of bugs with farming and harvesting. Orchards and gardens should now properly produce goods and be harvestable for seeds/resources (as long as the contents haven’t died yet).
  • Orchards, gardens, coops and barns now hold the correct number of seeds and animals, and they now also hold the correct number of items produced. (10 as opposed to 3.)
  • Fixed a bug with the UI display of crafting machines above tier 1.
  • Fixed a bug where selecting craft for an item didn’t update the crafting display.
  • The last recipe crafted now gets selected after retrieving an item from the machine inventory.
  • Despawn time for resource nodes reduced from ~1 hour to ~30 minutes. Respawn time is the same (they basically respawn instantly as soon as one is harvested).
  • Dough recipe has been changed to require 1 egg unit and 1 flour unit.
  • Lard will no longer be dropping in the game, making any lard you have super rare and special!
  • Grain processors have been added to the game, and you may now make flour by growing wheat in your gardens.
  • Players must be of the appropriate crafting skill to utilize a tool within their stash.
  • Players must be of the appropriate crafting skill level to use machines.

Chat and UI

  • Fixed the chat link confirmation background to fit the text.

BOO, Stash, and Market Stalls

  • Changed the Stash dropdown filter to match the inventory filter.

Characters, Classes, and Abilities

  • Healer
  • Mesmerize I (level 3) duration increased from 1-3 rounds to 3-5 rounds.
  • Root I (level 7) duration increased from 1-3 rounds to 3-5 rounds.

Social (Clans, Parties, Religions, etc.)

  • Social Panel now auto-capitalizes character names in the list.

Gear and Items

  • Inventory filters improved – especially for crafting/resources. Fixed items missing for various filters in the inventory.
  • Fixed a bug where using items didn’t update the individual bags.
  • Added Minimum Skill to gathering tool tooltips and base level requirements off of that field in the data.
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t split producible items.
  • Magical offhands now dropping in game:
  • Mystic Tome -8% mana cost, +12% dmg
  • TriOrb -5% mana cost, +15% dmg
  • Skullrox -2% mana cost, +18% dmg


  • Resource Node Spawn increased x2.

Medallion Shop

  • Fixed a bug where weapons in the medallion shop still only showed as two-handed in the tooltip.


  • Admin accounts are no longer part of leaderboards