March Weekend Stash Event is Live NOW! +51% xp, gifts, and more!

Stash RPG News and Events

March 24-27 (Friday-Monday) with a party Saturday (Mar 25) from 3-5pm EDT.

  • +51% XP all weekend. (combat, gathering, and crafting XP).
  • ½ XP Debt. Explore and take risks galore!

Random Gifts All Weekend:

  • Lemon Cookies of Mortis: removes XP debt
  • Hearth Beacon: resets the cooldown timer on your Hearth Beacon
  • 100% quality weapons/armor with random magical modifiers

PARTY = Saturday (March 25) from 3-5pm EDT:

  • Meet Frogdice developers.
  • Meet fellow players.
  • Talk about the game.
  • Get Your Party Favor: 20 slot bag (Rucksack).

Come hang out and get to know everyone. Community is one of the most important things about a great MMO.