UPDATE: 2017/03/23 – Bug fixes and preparation for weekend event!

Stash RPG News and Events

This update was not originally planned, but there were a few bug fixes we really wanted to get in before the weekend event so we pushed it live.

NOTE: There may be some issues with windows overlaying strangely or text bleeding through from windows behind. This is part of a conversion of UI elements that is not finished yet.

Other noteworthy things about this update:

  • Smart pathfinding! You will no longer receive a zone prompt when walking over a PoI unless the PoI is your final destination. This should be especially nice when moving around your BOO.
  • Numerous camera angle issues improved to make it behave in a more friendly manner when exiting encounters, going into passive encounters, and similar things.
  • Major party chat bug fixed in combat that was messing up combat in parties. This was the main bug that we really wanted fixed before this weekend.

See you for the event and party this weekend!