March Stash Event (Mar 24-27) and Party with Gift

Stash RPG News and Events

As we get even closer to the launch of Stash it is time for another weekend event. Get to know one another in game and push towards those level milestones!

March 24-27 (Friday-Monday) with a party Saturday (Mar 25) from 3-5pm EST.

  • +51% XP all weekend. (combat, gathering, and crafting XP).
  • ½ XP Debt. Explore and take risks galore!

Random Gifts All Weekend:

  • Lemon Cookies of Mortis: removes XP debt
  • Hearth Beacon: resets the cooldown timer on your Hearth Beacon
  • 100% quality weapons/armor with random magical modifiers

PARTY = Saturday (March 25) from 3-5pm EST:

  • Meet Frogdice developers.
  • Meet fellow players.
  • Talk about the game.
  • Get Your Party Favor: 20 slot bag (Rucksack).

Come hang out and get to know everyone. Community is one of the most important things about a great MMO.

If there is anything about the game you’d like to know, features or content you’d like to see, please feel free to reply to this email and also participate in our forums. We love talking about the game with you all.

See you online this weekend!