Frogdice March Madness 2017

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his is a quick post with bare bones details so people can start working on brackets.

Frogdice March Madness 2017:

Password: greengriffon

Basic Rules:

1) You can have up to 3 brackets.

2) Progressive scoring system: 1-2-3-4-5-6 so early rounds are not completely dwarfed by the end.

3) Prizes:

1st Place: $50 of Medallions

2nd Place: $30 of Medallions

3rd Place: $20 of Medallions

Bonus Prize: $10 game credit – Criterion TBD based on how things play out. Could be a trash talk award. Could be a booby prize. We’ll see!

4) Entry Fee: None!

5) When you make your bracket, post the names of them here so we know who is who!

6) You must own a copy of Stash and have an active account.

7) You must claim your prize within a month of the end of the contest so we can distribute prizes.


Forum thread: