STASH: winner of Taco Bell’s “Feed the Beta” best indie game competition.

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We are excited to announce that STASH was chosen as a winner of Taco Bell’s 2017 “Feed the Beta” best indie game competition!

Award Certificate:

Some prizes that arrived by mail:

But the most exciting part of this is the help from Taco Bell promoting Stash and our launch.

Taco Bell is putting together a sizzle reel with footage from Stash and will show it off on both the Feed the Beta site and their main web site ( in January.

We also have access to a private forum with a group of gaming media and marketing experts they have gathered to help the winners promote their games. This includes media, twitch streamers, and youtubers with some pretty big audiences.

It is exciting and validating to have STASH chosen as a top indie game. The help they will give us promoting the game will really be huge. The toughest thing about indie game development is getting the word out. This should be a big boost in that area.