Coming in October: Events and Updates

News and Events

This is a general overview of what is coming in October. Some of these items will get their own specific thread. Events: First world story/lore event: Saturday, October 14, 4-6pm EDT. Time to get things rolling here! BOO Decorating Contest: Decorate your best room (or front yard) to be as awesome as possible. Screenshot it. Submit it by October 23rd. …

Advisors & Advisor Applications

News and Events

What is an Advisor? Advisors are dedicated player volunteers who help promote, support, and preserve a positive community on Stash. They have multiple roles: Moderators: They have various moderation tools available to them to moderate chat and help make sure channels and the community stay positive and non-toxic. Community Organizers: They organize and run events that engage the the community …

2017.09.28 – More High Rank mobs in groups, AoE balancing, Looking for Group Channel

News and Events

Mobs and NPCs Previous HP scaling buff to mobs was reverted/removed. Lieutenants, Elites, and Champions now have higher stats and more health. Lieutenants, Elites, and Champions are now worth significantly more XP. Parties have a higher chance of encountering Lieutenants, Elites, Champions, and Bosses. Characters, Classes, and Abilities Combat has become a bit too dominated by AoE. As a first …

2017.09.22 – Alchemy buffs, Newspaper, Clans, Abilities, and Crafting

News and Events

WEEKEND EVENT – 9/22 (Fri) to 9/25 (Mon) +10% to all experience (combat, crafting, and gathering) +50% more resource nodes in all major world regions. SWIFTOR STREAM ON TWITCH! Stash will be streamed on Twitch Friday, September 22 at 9pm EDT, by a rather large twitch channel: Swiftor! ======================================== Action Bar / Loader Fixed a bug where spamming buttons …

Social Meet & Greet – 7-9pm EDT

Stash RPG News and Events

Party!: Social Meet & Greet: * 7-9 pm EDT * Saturday 9/16. Gather together on Stash to meet developers, talk about the game, and meet other players. There will be Q&A and random prize drawings. Push the server to the max in preparation for a big twitch stream next week.