Three Stash Streams this week!

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Three twitch streams this week: Wednesday, Jan 31, 4pm EST – Wednesday, Jan 31, 10pm EST – Friday, Feb 2, 9pm EST –

2018.01.26 – Bigger, Badder, Boss Battles, New Alchemy potions, More XP for harder mobs

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Official Forum Thread: BOO, Stash, and Market Stalls Bug Fix: Items can now be listed on your Stash Stall from anywhere in your boo Fixed a bug causing the stall upgrade window to always show you as having zero triads. Item tooltips in the npc vendor, stall, and newspaper UIs now show comparisons to what you have currently equipped. Characters, …

2018.01.19 – Contextual Right Click in combat, More Mobs in Dungeons, Boss Loot Buffs, New Warrior Abilities, Many QoL improvements to UI

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Medallion Shop Fixed a bug where bag tooltips in the Medallion shop showed zero (0) for the bag size. Add Combat Bar item added to Medallion shop. Mouse over tooltips for items in the Medallion Shop now provide more information like: bag size, market value, bind type, etc. Combat Added Phase 1 of Contextual Right Click in encounters: Right click …

Level Up Festival – Jan 11 -> Feb 12

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Tier 4 is coming very soon and it brings new zones, new dungeons, new bosses, new class abilities, new loot, and 10 more player levels (31-40). We want to get people ready! To encourage that we have some pretty sweet rewards for hitting some big level milestones. We also have Bonus XP events every weekend throughout the month of January …

2018.01.11 – Mob Squads, More Ranked Mob Loot, Clan Leaderboards, UI improvements

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Combat Mob Squads: Specialized teams of mobs that have different roles and AIs to make them a more interesting and challenging adversary. Example: Gobbos + Gobbo Bombadiers + Gobbo Shamans This squad works together by sending the regular Gobbos to engage in melee, Bombadiers providing ranged support, and Shamans to heal everyone. Fixed timing issues with certain mob animations / …

Stash maintenance downtime for a big update. 9-10am EST

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Stash will come down for an update at approximately 9am EST, Thursday, January 11, 2018. Stash will be down for approximately 1 hour which is longer than most of our reboots and updates (which typically take less than 1 minute). As you can see below, this is a very significant update with a lot of core code changes and database …