2017.12.11 – Medallions x100, Rolling Stone Inn, Mob CC, Bug Fixes

News and Events

This is a small but very significant patch due to the x100 of Medallions.

Medallion Changes – x100!

  • All accounts had their current medallion totals multiplied by 100.
  • All medallion costs for things in game were multiplied by 100.
  • The absolute effect of this is no change for players, but it gives us the ability to have things that cost smaller amounts of medallions than what previously would have been 1 medallion. It also gives us the ability to give away medallions as rewards for more things, since we can do so in smaller denominations now.

Bug Fixes:

  • Issues loading into the Rolling Stone Inn have been fixed.
  • The Newspaper now clears the data on which stalls you have visited each time you close the newspaper.
  • Parties no longer follow their leaders into trap encounters.
  • Rezzing at the BOO no longer places your character at its last location if you immediately do a character change after rez.
  • Fixed a bug that would on rare occasions result in a Mob not being CCed when it should.
  • Mobs that are CCed now explicity skip their turn (you will see it in the combat log). So you can more easily verify they are properly staying CCed when they should.