2017.12.08 – More Tooltips, Stall advertising, Large Party Improvements, Chef Food Buffs

News and Events

Chat and UI

  • Fixed a bug where the interface pinned buttons sometimes were unclickable.
  • Character Creation
    • Additional information provided about race stat bonuses, the fact that heritage is a roleplay/flavor item, and what each class’ primary stat is.

    • Name field now has a pop up window that explains the character naming rules.

      Character name must be 3-12 characters, letters only.

      You can obtain a surname (last name) in game so it is best not to include it here.

      Your name cannot be vulgar, profane, racist, sexist, abusive, or insulting. Your name must be appropriate for a fantasy medieval game world.

  • Character Sheet:
    • Main Page:
      • Added: Ability Power and TWD (Total Weapon Damage)
      • Removed: Bloodoath and XP Debt (they are on the Stats page anyway)

    • Stats Page:
      • Mousing over skills on your character sheet now has a popup that shows how much skill xp you have / how much needed to advance, and %. Example: 225 / 1,000 (22%)

    • Stats on both the Main Page and the Stats Page now have detailed tooltips with a progress bar, stat level, description, and how the stat level is determined using the base stat level and stat levels from your gear and current buffs.

  • Added emojis that work with both text-based smilies and discord-formatted emojis.
  • All Stash Discord Emojis work in chat now!
  • Fixed an indention problem with party chat messages.
  • Added Emotes to party chat.


  • Fixed a bug where party members did not appear in combat when partying in large groups.
  • Fixed a bug in combat where other player’s were rubberbanding and previously visiting grid spaces were getting locked down.
  • Fixed a bug where debuffs were stacking up on the party portraits in combat.

More Overall Buffs to Chef Food:

  • Farming:
    • Meat & Poultry processing output approximately x5
    • Fish processing output x10
  • Seed & Animal Drops:
    • Chompers are far more plentiful.
    • Non-fruit seeds more common.
  • Crafting:
    • Meat, Poultry, and Fish material requirements scale more slowly.
  • Chef Food:
    • Stat XP given has been doubled.
    • Healing/Mana has been doubled.
    • Stack size increased from 40->50

Market & Newspaper

  • Added Stall Advertising to the Newspaper.

  • Your market stall now has a triad display on the bottom right (the side of the screen that has your stash inventory) that increases when you collect coin from the stall.

  • Fixed a bug where the triad display after trying to purchase a sold item in someone’s stall would read 0.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes you had to press ESC twice to exit a stall back to the newspaper.

Action Bar / Loader

  • Eating food via hotbar now has the stat gain xp in the toast message that displays with the health/mana recovery gains.
  • When a stat levels up while eating via hotbar, there is now a toast message that’s larger than the normal ones displaying this level up.

Base of Operations

  • Resizing your chat window no longer also zooms/pans your camera in the BOO.
  • Fixed a bug where the triad display was showing up in the Stash inventory when it shouldn’t.

Farming / Trapping

  • Vendors now sell primitive trap which is equal to the old ragwood traps.Crafted traps all catch animals faster and with a higher success rate.

Social (Clans, Parties, Religions, etc.)

  • By default, the clan roster now sorts by rank.
  • Added some tooltips to the party status window.

Gear and Items

  • Bags now display market value in their tooltip.
  • You can now press DEL with items selected to mimic pressing the trash can (gives a confirmation) in your inventory and your Stash inventory.
  • Fixed a bug where clicking the trash can in your Stash didn’t do anything.
  • Fixed a bug where Stat data didn’t update properly in some cases.


  • Removed Gobbo Bombadiers from The Mines.
  • Updated the Dungeon help window.


  • Fixed the Lukoi portrait.
  • Fixed a bug where other players weren’t appearing in the overworld.


  • Fixed an issue in the Character Creation scene when playing an a resolution other than 16:9.
  • Added in-client Account Creation back to the game (found at the login screen) so new players do not have to go to the website to do this.