[WORLD STORY EVENT] “Strange Visitors” – Saturday, Oct 14, 4-6pm EDT

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When: Saturday, October 14th, 4-6pm EDT

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Strange Visitors have arrived in Askagard with odd tales and bizarre questions about the world of Primordiax. They are awed by the City of Askagard and relieved to have found friendly civilization.

But something about them seems a bit off. Their manner of speech is odd but that is the least of it. Their religious zealotry is extreme and they speak of the Gods in hushed tones with tremendous reverence and a hint of fear. Why would they hold the Aetherial Pantheon in such nervous regard?

The Elders of Askagard have officially welcomed the Visitors to the city but beyond that have reserved judgement about their presence. The Visitors have become quite popular among the locals and haven’t paid for a meal or a drink in the Rolling Stone Inn since they arrived. They’ve become the toast of the town and fascination with their strange tales shows no sign of diminishing any time soon.

The RSI tavernkeep has scheduled a party in their honor and invited the adventurers of the land to attend as well. The novelty of the Visitors plus the presence of the kingdom’s greatest heroes should make for quite an event.

You are invited to attend and decide what you think of these Visitors and what their arrival portends for the kingdom.