2017.09.28 – More High Rank mobs in groups, AoE balancing, Looking for Group Channel

News and Events

Mobs and NPCs

  • Previous HP scaling buff to mobs was reverted/removed.
  • Lieutenants, Elites, and Champions now have higher stats and more health.
  • Lieutenants, Elites, and Champions are now worth significantly more XP.
  • Parties have a higher chance of encountering Lieutenants, Elites, Champions, and Bosses.

Characters, Classes, and Abilities

  • Combat has become a bit too dominated by AoE. As a first small step towards balancing that, we have made two small adjustments:
    • Every AoE ability in the game received a 10% damage reduction.
    • Nearly every AoE ability in the game had its cooldown increased by 1 or 2 rounds.

Gear and Items

  • Fixed a bug where food that required a higher level that yours did not display in italics.
  • Shields should now properly display their block chance in tooltip.

Base of Operations

  • Fixed a bug where changing a Boo interior room layout caused the placed items to disappear until you left and re-entered the room.
  • Fixed a clipping issue with small beds.

Chat and UI

  • Fixed tells.
  • Fixed emotes for all other channels.
  • Fixed context menus of characters for new channels.
  • OOC channel tag now all caps.
  • Fixed a bug where pressing Enter at the same time as the last letter typed in chat would fire the the keybinding for that letter (if any).
  • Fixed /r sometimes changing who you’re replying to.
  • Improved the Channel Indicator button text for a better idea of the current channel.
  • The name of the current tell now appears as a tooltip over the Channel Indicator button and the Tell button in the Indicator selection popup.
  • Added the Looking for Group (LFG) chat channel.
  • Fixed a bug where the context menu for characters in chat would go off the bottom of the screen.


  • Fixed major issue where certain combat scenarios spawned mobs outside of expected places

Market & Newspaper

  • Fixed a bug where viewed stalls’ ads on separate pages did not highlight.
  • Newspapers are now in alphabetical order in the dropdown.

Social (Clans, Parties, Religions, etc.)

  • Party max size more stringently enforced at server level


  • When characters close their window after changing gear, customization options, costumes, etc, all other characters in the area now see this update.

Medallion Shop

  • Lemon Cookies of Mortis: Removes XP debt up to 10% of the XP needed for your next level. (1 death worth of debt at level 20+)
  • Hearth Beacon: resets your Hearth Beacon ability cooldown.
  • Summoning Stone: empowers the party summon ability accessible via the party meny (press: p)